The landscape of the activities developed in the mining industry in the country shows the phenomenon that has been called THE NEW MINING. And this reality has a well established starting point, which we underscored at the time. Mining is a development driver in our country. The same development that happens surprisingly fast as all economic activities do in these times.

Consequently, this activity produces fundamental changes in both, work structures and the interrelations of those involved in the industry. That means we have new development strategies where everybody has a direct participation. Given this reality, the demand is for the statement of clear mining policies.

There is the need, in turn, for an ongoing reassurance of institutions' stability, pursuant to the National Mining Plan, mainly as regards maintaining clear rules, stable regulations and legal security, with an approach according to legislation in force.


Let's not overlook the fact that Latin America and the Caribbean have become the most attractive point for global mining investment. If we consider the first steps that opened up the potential to produce the economic transformation of the least developed regions in Latin America and the Caribbean, they were the result of governments' decision to tap natural resources, and more specifically, mineral resources.

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